Collaborate your team with
ease. See your teammates updates individually.

Track their actions

Add or delete your employees to your team

Personel and client assign

As a cloud document or a hardcopy

Share your all documents
with your accountant


Inventory Management

Showcase your
best services/products

Create your own portfolio

Scan barcod and save
them to our cloud

Categorize them

You can add to
them barcod number

Easily add / edit any

Create any invoice or estimates individually to any product

Add images to them and
edit any property

Business Reports

Best pre-accountancy app give
you the best statistics

We are building database to show you what you want exactly

You can search your statistics for every category

We are going to show you your best products. Like how many times your products has been sold. Or which ones are more profitable.

See your products and clients statistics

We are going to show you your loyal and best clients. Like how much and how many times they have bought from you.

Better understand what is your expenses

Even for the estimates and proposals: We are going to show you which of the estimate or proposals are the most acceptable ones.

Secondary businesses and managing
and merging them together

Managing multiple businesses at once is a hard and confusing thing. We know that.


When you are dealing with your main job or side job. You will not be disconnected from the others.

You just need to open the request for notification. And We will do the rest. You will see the updates from other businesses. You can easily switch between your other businesses.

Showcase your quality

As a small business owner or a freelancer,We all know that seeing that your products are profitable or not , are your services making your clients feel fulfilled or not. In order to that... We are preparing you a new rating and reviews section.


Manage your customers with ease

Smart categorization and actions for your customers

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